Filled my diesel car up. This is the range remaining. An electric car can’t do this, but…. then I drove 2km round trip to local shops and back home. Any electric car CAN do that no problem at all! In fact- I should’ve walked (an extra km was used to drive to the cheapest petrol station).  

A good electric car like a Tesla is an iPhone compared to a Nokia (in 2007) It’s faster, more powerful, better in every way- but doesn’t last all week. Look what happened to Nokia. Same fate awaits fossil fuel powered cars.

the non petrol-head guide to the future… aka: Tesla.

the non petrol-head guide to the future... aka: Tesla.

The Oatmeal knows nothing about cars, but he LOVES his Tesla Model S! Click the image for the full story of his ownership experience. Everyone in the car industry needs to read this…