about me

My name is Lee Walton and I trained to be a car designer at Coventry University many years ago…. as a result I have an MA in Automotive Design Research. I’ve spent my early career as a designer/artist in the games industry, but my true passion is car design and I’m lucky enough to be able to share that passion with students of Vehicle Design as their teacher. I work at Lahti Design Institute in Finland. That course maintains a blog also, but I will be writing my own personal views on car design here.

You can check out my portfolio on this website: www.leewalton.co.uk

me and a 1979 Lotus Eclat I once owned

UPDATE: From 2012 Another guest blogger joined me! Not all posts will be written by me from now on. Currently that person doesn’t want to reveal their identity (it’s really not hard to figure it out though, especially if you read Evo Magazine) so will be known only as RonnieRetro. They also studied car design but work as an accessories designer. Expect some visual analysis of design trends etc.